Paul Phung photography

Paul Phung

Fading away within a scene is something I always have in mind. But I don’t want to force my vision upon anyone. I want whoever is looking to come up with their own interpretation.

The Magazine

ana rudak textiles

Ana Rudak: Wild Thing

Sun, wind and nature inspired patterns influenced by intense memories mixed up with imagination, vibrant colours and all things strange.

floret-fauna sebastien marchand

Sebastien Marchand

This photoshoot aims to question the oppressive beauty standards set for women, and the distortions that dictate those standards.

heretic studio printmaking

Heretic Studio

Ink-happy duo share the method to the madness of their experimental work.

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Thomas Browning Rose

Thomas Browning Rose

Exploring the conversation between human and surface; focusing, more specifically, on touch and our connectivity/dis-connectivity with our environments and each other.


Alexia Stevens

One man's scars is another man's beauty, what's beneath the surface isn't skin-deep.


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Alice Firman

At the moment my main focus is the mind and it's different way of processing things. I use my work to analyse my personal experiences and process my everyday thoughts.


Tomohiro Tsushi

We talk to London-based designer about his work across design and fashion disciplines.

broos stoffels

Broos Stoffels

The designer behind the Decap Drawing Device talks technology, the challenges in the design industry and who to watch.

jxc designs


With these paintings, I was developing the idea of how when you paint on a certain surface, the surface ceases to be visible.


natalia stuyk

Natalia Stuyk

Moving image extraordinaire on the benefits of collaboration, social media and the working process behind her psychedelic visuals.

Print Area

Print Area

High contrast, detailed images highlight the beauty found in nature and the importance of the conservation of our environment and institutes of learning, science, arts and research.

Isabelle Kaif and Trang Ngheim

Isabelle Kaif & Trang Ngheim

Exploring ideas surrounding the construction of beauty standards for women, this project aims to show that beauty can be found in many forms, even within mess and disarray.

Hannah Burton

Hannah Burton

These photographs are born out of a deliberate act to get lost. This forces me to wander with no particular direction and a strikingly heightened awareness of my surroundings.