Hala Georges

Hala Georges

12 March, 2015

The films are based on true stories and experiences of self, family and friends.  

The series of short videos focus on the personal, domestic and storytelling approach. The aim is to emancipate the spectator from war-image clichés and offer a fresh, new perspective from inside the conflict. It is focused on avoiding to respond to the violence by violence. Instead, it is responding to the impact of violence on people. In that way, the practice is finding a new way to represent the Syrian crisis far away from the usual media disturbing imagery; offering a hidden view from behind closed doors that we won’t necessarily know about.

Hala Georges was not able to travel to Syria and shoot in person, therefore she had to shoot and direct from distance using Skype and mobile’s camera. Image and video editing, music editing, and voice recording took place in the UK.


A Letter from Luna 2012
Once I opened Skype and saw a letter from my niece Luna, after loosing contact with family for so long time. She told me about her birthday party and how she was spending her day at that time. I didn’t edit or change a word in her letter.


Rama 2013
A true story of a beautiful Syrian little girl is told twice in the film; before and after knowing the traumatic truth.


Portrait 2013
A portrait of my nephew Novy and a quite personal interview about his life and what he has to say about his experience in the Syrian war.


Faces 2015
Lately, I received an interesting video message from home.

Hala Georges lectures at UCA University for Creative Arts while completing her Ph.D. in Visual Communication- Video Art.