Black Pen by Grace Holliday – illustration

Grace Holliday

30 March, 2016

A recent body of work I have been developing entitled ‘Black Pen’ promotes mark-making as an evolving visual language – challenging the traditional ‘picture-based’ aesthetics of illustration in order to invite evolving perceptions of outcome, encourage projected imagination and provoke more ambitious making systems.

Having an acute sense of vision is crucial when making in this way, using humble tools to create works of aesthetic value and richness whilst maintaining confidence in the more enigmatic qualities of contemporary drawing. Often, illustrations tie with figurative narrative dominates an opportunity for exploratory, volatile form – not set or prescriptive as convention tempts. Allowing both the maker and viewer to search for something in an image is something I consider to be integral to an authentic material, as well as conceptual experience – tracing contours of the paper through to magnifying certain flecks of ink. The structures that I have created in this recent work: lines, stacks and trails are all objects of this methodology.

For me as a maker vision is not just about ‘seeing’ what is there, but is also about first fabricating and then feeling what is not there.

Black Pen by Grace Holliday – illustration
Black Pen by Grace Holliday – illustration

Grace Holliday is a London based illustrator / mark-maker. See more of her work: