Alice Firman fashion collection

Alice Firman: PA’RÒLE

My interest is in aiming to understanding how the human mind and our emotions work and translating that into fashion.

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Gabriele Rosati

Gabriele Rosati

Going beyond the concept of an ideal image of the skin, metaphorically representing acne with plastic wrap, tape and paint.

Clare Kenny We talk to Clare Kenny about her work and her influences for her solo exhibition ‘Enough rope to hang ‘emselves’ installation view

Clare Kenny

We talk to mixed-media artist about her work and her influences for her solo exhibition ‘Enough rope to hang ‘emselves’.

Marcos Rico It's not you, It's me collage

Marcos Rico: It’s not you, It’s me

Exploring the limits of human relationships through representation of body and its relation to the event of indefinite time, memory, absence and chance.

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Sari Rathel Gender Blender

Sari Räthel: Gender Blender

This project enables the wearer to ‘try on’ their gender in a fictional wardrobe full of jewellery items, which embody stereotypically gendered body parts.

Painting by Claudia Carr: Claudia Carr, Where the Soul Fluttered a While, 2016. Oil on canvas; 29.8 x 58.5.

Claudia Carr: Opened Ground

Opened Ground is a new body of ambiguous paintings by Claudia Carr, which hover between still life and landscape, figurative and abstract.


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Sam Porritt Grist to the Mill

Sam Porritt: Grist to the Mill

New exhibition succinctly summing up what it is to be at the mercy of our times, hostage to our own biology and subject to external forces beyond our control.


Francesco Lo Iacono

Illustrations from an Italian artist currently living in Paris. Francesco's focus on fashion includes illustration, painting and photography.

Victor Auslander terracotta sculpture

Victor Ausländer

We chat to the sculptor creating enormous terracotta pieces that are both figurative and abstract, reliefs and motifs.

Riikka Hyvönen painting

Riikka Hyvönen: Roller Derby Kisses

I want to help people find beauty in the unexpected — like in bruises the size of a head and of twelve different colours.


Bex Massey Red Herrings

Bex Massey

Sitting somewhere between painting, sculpture and archive, Bex Massey’s work examines the role of painting and the language of display in the face of popular culture.

Rudy Geyser Photography

Rudi Geyser

South African photographer discusses the how people, landscape and the diversity of Africa influence his emotive work.

Chloe Sheppard photograph

Chloe Sheppard

Girls, girls, girls. We talk to young photographer about her ethereal portraiture of teenage girls and her muse.

Muse cover, feature image. Collage by Matt Reid

Matt Reid

Matt Reid shares the inspirations to his work, from the home-made aesthetic of punk to the influence of record sleeves.