Alice Firman fashion collection

Alice Firman: PA’RÒLE

My interest is in aiming to understanding how the human mind and our emotions work and translating that into fashion.

Sari Rathel Gender Blender

Sari Räthel: Gender Blender

This project enables the wearer to ‘try on’ their gender in a fictional wardrobe full of jewellery items, which embody stereotypically gendered body parts.

Max Tan fashion

Max Tan

XY Collection is an exploration and neutralisation of the traditional notion of menswear and womenswear, blurring gender borders through fusion, deconstruction and reconstruction.

Paul Perez fashion

Paul Perez

Exclusive preview of Paul Perez' new collection Oracle of the Shore, inspired by the colours of the Mediterranean coast line.

ana rudak textiles

Ana Rudak: Wild Thing

Sun, wind and nature inspired patterns influenced by intense memories mixed up with imagination, vibrant colours and all things strange.

floret-fauna sebastien marchand

Sebastien Marchand

This photoshoot aims to question the oppressive beauty standards set for women, and the distortions that dictate those standards.


Alice Firman

At the moment my main focus is the mind and it's different way of processing things. I use my work to analyse my personal experiences and process my everyday thoughts.


Tomohiro Tsushi

We talk to London-based designer about his work across design and fashion disciplines.

Isabelle Kaif and Trang Ngheim

Isabelle Kaif & Trang Ngheim

Exploring ideas surrounding the construction of beauty standards for women, this project aims to show that beauty can be found in many forms, even within mess and disarray.

Poppy Gooderick

Poppy Gooderick

Many of the textiles within the collection make reference to the bare walls and hidden spaces in artist Gordon Matta-Clarke’s work.

Sally Chennery

Sally Chennery

I realised though that I was drawn largely to the witches, the strong female character within most of the stories.