Muse cover, feature image. Collage by Matt Reid

Matt Reid

Matt Reid shares the inspirations to his work, from the home-made aesthetic of punk to the influence of record sleeves.

Michael Curia

Michael Curia: The Invisible Man

Typographic interpretation of H. G Wells 'The Invisible Man'; presenting the g as a metaphor for how the invisible man feels in the story. Composed by hand using letterpress and blind embossing.

Kai Matthiessen

Kai Matthiessen: The Rhetoric of Typography

Experimental typography influenced by psychological studies and Aristotle’s theory of Rhetoric: Logos, Pathos and Ethos.

simin qiu eyewear

Simin Qiu

Metal patination technique creating a pattern like an x-ray film of a human skull to redefine the original meaning of eyewear.

Ilona Sagar Haptic Skins of a Glass Eye

Ilona Sagar

London-based artist discusses her work exploring our shared interactions in both public and private space, using the processes involved in making to construct a sense of fractured narrative.

heretic studio printmaking

Heretic Studio

Ink-happy duo share the method to the madness of their experimental work.


Tomohiro Tsushi

We talk to London-based designer about his work across design and fashion disciplines.

broos stoffels

Broos Stoffels

The designer behind the Decap Drawing Device talks technology, the challenges in the design industry and who to watch.

natalia stuyk

Natalia Stuyk

Moving image extraordinaire on the benefits of collaboration, social media and the working process behind her psychedelic visuals.

Print Area

Print Area

High contrast, detailed images highlight the beauty found in nature and the importance of the conservation of our environment and institutes of learning, science, arts and research.

Garudio Studiage peckham peace wall

Garudio Studiage

Chris Ratcliffe from Garudio Studiage discusses the impact of art within communities, Peckham riots, and the effects of gentrification.