Muse cover, feature image. Collage by Matt Reid

Matt Reid

Matt Reid shares the inspirations to his work, from the home-made aesthetic of punk to the influence of record sleeves.

Black Pen by Grace Holliday – illustration

Grace Holliday

‘Black Pen’ promotes mark-making as an evolving visual language – challenging the traditional ‘picture-based’ aesthetics of illustration.

Jin Li Sharpen Black

Jin Li: Sharpen Black

Series of work developing the idea of the ‘uncanny’, something both familiar and uncomfortably strange.

Sophie Loloi White Sands

Sophie Loloi: White Sands

Performative self-portraits as an exploration of Eastern and Western mythology, the mystic female body, and my search through the Western world to discover a landscape similar to my homeland of Iran.

CHROMA: The Red Issue


Exclusive insight from the founders of new art platform CHROMA, a curation of visual thought that exists both as space and document.

Kira Phoenix K'inan Glass Drawing

Kira Phoenix K’inan

Glass Drawings are an expression of my own personal journey of thoughts, words, ideas and my ever-changing surroundings made physical though each line that interconnects with another.

Ikebana Clothing Lookbook

Ikebana Clothing

We talk to Fashion Design graduate Emily Sammons on founding fashion brand Ikebana and the challenges of starting a new business.

Ilona Sagar Haptic Skins of a Glass Eye

Ilona Sagar

London-based artist discusses her work exploring our shared interactions in both public and private space, using the processes involved in making to construct a sense of fractured narrative.

Paul Phung photography

Paul Phung

Fading away within a scene is something I always have in mind. But I don’t want to force my vision upon anyone. I want whoever is looking to come up with their own interpretation.

heretic studio printmaking

Heretic Studio

Ink-happy duo share the method to the madness of their experimental work.

Thomas Browning Rose

Thomas Browning Rose

Exploring the conversation between human and surface; focusing, more specifically, on touch and our connectivity/dis-connectivity with our environments and each other.