Cover of the Gender issue of Is Magazine

AW16: The Gender Issue


Dichotomous gender systems are widely prevalent, creating expectations and stereotypes that limit the expansive and glorious range of personhood. Individuals are trapped inside these hegemonic structures. The Gender issue aims to question this dualistic framework and explore different ways of living and expressing one’s gender, sexuality and identity.


This is the sixth and final print issue of Is MagazineWe hope that this sparks you to think about gender in a different way, question heteronormative identities, and to be unequivocally and ferociously yourself.



Muse cover. Collage by Matt Reid

SS16: The Muse Issue

  A muse is defined as ’A person or personified force who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.’ Having a muse can be a life-changing experience; losing one has been devastating to artists throughout history.   In this issue we feature work that has been directly influenced by a woman or women, such as Bex Massey’s artist residency, Riikka Hyvönen’s Roller Derby Kisses and the many women in Chloe Sheppard’s photographs.   We also speak to artists who are led by certain personified forces and its themes are seen throughout their work. Matt Reid is heavily influenced by punk culture, music and record sleeves, Rudy Geyser is driven by South African people, landscape and culture; Victor Ausländer by the very process of his sculptures.   BUY NOW
vision cover Paul Phung photography

AW15: The Vision Issue

  Every artist and creative has their own approach to looking at things. This fits well with Is Magazine’s ethos, creating a space for and a dialogue between different ways of interpreting the same theme. This issue’s theme especially resonates with what this magazine is trying to achieve: a new perspective; a space for emerging artists, graduates and students across creative disciplines; and raising awareness to challenging and provocative subject matters.   From discussions on race by Holly Parkhouse, to questioning the Western perspective on Asian cultures by Boris Feldman and Veronica Neukirch; blurring gender boundaries by fashion label Max.Tan and the deeply personal explorations into mental health by Alice Firman and so much more. We are honoured to re-publish Laura Mulvey’s influential essay, which still holds as much relevance now as when it was originally published 30 years ago.  
Isabelle Kaif surface cover

SS15: The Surface Issue

  As well as an abstract concept, surface is a tangible thing. Despite, or perhaps because of this, it has brought about an exciting depth in it’s responses.   Articles in the issue explore ideas such as the superficiality of women’s beauty standards, masks people adopt to hide their true nature, heteronormative partnerships and more. We speak to ink-happy Heretic Studio and moving-image extraordinaire Natalia Stuyk, looking deeper into their practice, process and inspiration, both in personal and commercial projects.   As further celebration of Surface, each issues comes with a limited edition print by Print Area.   BUY NOW
Lost Cover Minho Kwan

AW14: The Lost Issue

  The second issue of Is Magazine explores the theme Lost, a word which often resonates with feelings of sorrow or hopelessness. While these themes are explored throughout the issue, they are presented alongside different interpretations.   The photographic work by Hannah Burton and Mostafa Douban reveal the possibilities that come with being lost, instilling wanderlust in even the most dedicated homebody. A certain sense of self-exploration is a recurring theme for many contributors in this issue, delving into issues such as mental illness, cultural identity and isolation, as seen in the work of Alice Firman, Haonan Shen and David Marinos. Deep themes of war and conflict are tackled by Syrian artist Hala Georges in her intensely personal illustrations.   BUY NOW  
Power Cover Grace Walsh

SS14: The Power Issue

  Is Magazine is a showcase of art and visual culture. Is includes and welcomes work from a vast array of disciplines. It is a place to discover new ideas and explore creative expression.   The core of the first issue is Power and each contributor has been asked to respond to this theme. What is Power? Is Magazine aims to provoke a dialog where you can engage with many different interpretations of what power is?